Managing Director – Stephen Heathcote ​

Marketing Director – Vera Jezkova

Introducing Stephen Heathcote 

The Owner and Lead Financial Adviser

Independent Financial and Mortgage Adviser with 25+ Years Experience

Stephen, a Chartered Independent Financial Adviser, brings over 25 years of expertise in financial services. Specializing in pensions, investments, mortgages, and insurance, Stephen prioritizes minimizing charges to maximize client returns.

With personal oversight on every case, Stephen offers tailored advice backed by extensive industry knowledge. He is committed to innovation, ensuring clients benefit from optimal financial solutions.

Throughout his career, Stephen has assisted diverse clients in navigating both straightforward and intricate financial matters. Renowned for his patience, he dedicates himself to delivering tailored solutions that meet each client’s unique needs.

Serving clients along M4 corridor, initially by phone, email, and virtual meetings, leading to face-to-face consultations.


Introducing Vera Jezkova

Marketing & Operations Director

With more than two decades of experience in commercial and marketing roles, primarily in London, UK, Vera offers extensive traditional and digital marketing expertise.

Her dedication to comprehending clients’ needs and leveraging psychological insights in marketing remains a cornerstone throughout her career.

Vera excels in devising innovative solutions, thriving even in the most challenging scenarios, and finds genuine fulfillment in engaging with people. 

Beyond her professional capabilities, she is adept at collaborative problem-solving and maintaining a constructive perspective. Recognized for her vibrant personality and wit, Vera tackles challenges with calmness and unwavering resolve.

Administrative support​

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