Our ‘Chartered Independent Financial Adviser’ status has been achieved by passing Advanced Financial Planning qualifications (level 6) in pensions (including transfers), managing investments, advanced mortgages, taxation, and trusts, through the London Institute Bank and Finance. These academic studies, together with the experience and knowledge gained in the industry over 20 years, helps ensure we guide clients to make the right decisions with confidence at every review.

Working closely with our clients we’ll aim to leave no stone unturned in our quest to recommend and secure the most tax and cost-efficient financial solution tailored to the individual’s circumstances (the FCA do not regulate tax advice).

We use specialist software packages and fund analysis planning tools to produce recommendations taking in to account the likely term and the chances of the fund needing to be accessed at short notice, investment experience, capacity for loss (what impact do the funds have on maintaining living standards). Discussions also run through positive and negative ‘what if’ scenarios making provisions reflecting the potential outcome.

Taken into consideration together with the client’s recommending a blend of low-cost index tracker funds and ETF’s combined with top performing actively managed regional and specialist funds in sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, mining or technology stocks correlated to perform well in various stages of the economic cycle.

Where appropriate, our core investment recommendations take into consideration areas such as essential living expenses and our recommendations steer clients towards secure returns such as annuities, UK and overseas gilts, corporate bonds, infrastructure and fixed interest investments. We will also consider low cost index tracker funds and ETF’s to fine tune your investment strategy.