Our recommendations consider your investment experience and plans, reflecting your risk appetite and capacity for loss. We’ll discuss portfolio construction, including geographical regions and specialist sectors like medical, mining, and financial industries.

We use specialized software to select appropriate investments, considering the investment firm, fund manager, platform, and vehicle (such as pension, ISA, bond, ETF). Where applicable, we keep investment charges low by combining index tracker funds with actively managed funds in niche markets. Note that the FCA does not regulate tax advice, and your capital is at risk.

We also consider the likelihood of needing to access the fund at short notice and the impact on your living standards. Discussions include positive and negative scenarios to prepare for potential outcomes. Each recommendation considers the number of holdings within the fund portfolio, past performance, management performance, and associated fees.

To ensure our advice matches your risk profile, we use specialized software and risk profile questionnaires. The report documents your responses, additional guidance, and personal preferences, helping us determine an appropriate risk profile and explaining how it aligns with your investment attitude. The report also outlines a target asset allocation matching your risk profile, indicating the expected risk and return from the portfolio.

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