Heathcote Chartered Financial Planning offers holistic whole of market independent investment, protection, retirement and mortgage solutions advice accounting for key areas such as (ESG) Environmental, Social, Governance and ethical preferences; the likely term of the plan and whether funds would need to be accessed in the short, medium to long term, attitude to risk and capacity for loss, investment experience and family or business liabilities to take into consideration – leaving a lasting legacy. We will also consider current and future income requirements and how underlying charges including product, platform and adviser fees impact returns.

Working with you, we build retirement plans reflecting your time horizons, investment experience, needs, wants and desires: 

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Working with our clients, we build a plan that is reviewed at least annually and adjusted reflecting life’s ever-changing events.

We offer incentives such as plan discounts for volume business and our low charging structure often means clients can reduce the level of risk their portfolio is exposed to in order to achieve the desired returns.

Our ‘Chartered Independent Financial Adviser’ status has been achieved by passing Advanced Financial Planning qualifications (level 6) in pensions (including transfers), managing investments, advanced mortgages, taxation, and trusts, through the London Institute Bank and Finance. These academic studies, together with the experience and knowledge gained in the industry over 20 years, helps ensure we guide clients to make the right decisions with confidence at every review.

We continually study, update our knowledge, listen to our clients and apply our understanding to the situation

Clients are often reminded inflation can erode the true value over the medium to long term and schemes are available to encompass wealth preservation through trusts and other wealth preservation schemes as well as cash flow modelling scenarios.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) funds rank high amongst our recommendations taking account of preferences such as how fund managers engage with companies steering their behaviours and opting to work with firms that contribute to positive environmental or social change using technological advances that have an impact on the development of a sustainable global economy. Engagement and inclusion steering the proposed investment business is often preferred to exclusion avoiding certain industries because of ethical concerns.