Our core investment recommendations consider areas such as (ESG) Environmental, Social and Governance implications across all of the major asset classes.

The consequences of Global warming are becoming more apparent with the earth’s atmosphere heating up creating more energy leading to extreme weather events and volatility. The consequences are higher temperatures leading to forest fires, droughts and destruction of habitat.

High temperatures over the oceans lead to increased water molecules and moisture evaporation – creating extreme energy levels in the jet stream and wind movement in the atmosphere; these powerful weather patterns result in blizzards, powerful downpours and extreme weather disasters around the world.

Fossil fuel industries such as oil, coal, gas and other CO2 emitting practices contribute to the rising temperatures.

In the arctic region, the ice packs and glaciers reflect light and heat but as these frozen regions reduce, more heat stays in the atmosphere melting the ice faster and sea levels rise.

Active fund managers make investment decisions analysing the cost, risk and reward of each company or sector invested in and the likely time horizon. They can choose to either engage with firms, steering their decisions, or to avoid at all costs industries which manipulate or abuse human rights, engage in military arms production and sales or other practices such as exploiting work forces engage in pornography, tobacco or gambling industries.

Passive funds and (ETF’s) Exchange Traded Funds invest in market sectors or specialist sectors. They are usually weighted reflecting the size of the company.  These funds are generally cheaper but invest in the sector so there is no active fund management.

With the aid of client risk questionnaires, we help clients construct a suitable investment portfolio analysing and implementing a plan reflecting time horizons, risk, capacity for loss,  personal preferences and potential access needs.

We start from a solid base ensuring essential living expenses are considered and our recommendations steer clients towards a secure income such as annuities, UK and overseas gilts, corporate bonds, infrastructure and fixed interest investments. We will also consider low-cost index tracker funds and ETF’s to fine tune your investment strategy.

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